Hertta Kiiski is an artist who works with photography, moving image, objects, space and oftentimes with her own daughters. Kiiski graduated as an artist in 2012 from the TUAS Arts Academy’s department of photography in Turku (2012) and with an MFA from the Academy of Fine Art’s programme of Time and Space Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki (2015). Her studies include also e.g Latin, Art History and Museology. Her works have been shown in several museums and galleries both in Finland and abroad.

Hertta Kiiski aims to elevate the intensity of places where she both makes and shows her work through creating semi-fictional and semi-constructed platforms for encounters between people, animals and things. Associations and spontaneity play a central role in her work. Hertta Kiiski´s interest lay in human-nonhuman relationships, in the ontology of material as well as one´s relationship to a camera. She aims for the kind of haptic visuality where eyes operate like the sense of touch –  striving to combine the photographic and the sculptural, blurring the boundaries between image and spatiality – materializing the gaze.