Monument For Biocentric Future (Blondu and Grapes)

Kilometre of Sculpture, Rakvere, Estonia 2016

If you walk through the old shopping centre in the heart of the city of Rakvere, you end up on a landing made out of concrete. Built for the human life of the city, the platform seems now abandoned by them and instead taken over by moss that covers the concrete and gravel. Here the Finnish artist Hertta Kiiski erects her monument for the animals of Rakvere.  Her monument is a wish for better future, located in the shadows of a sausage factory: It’s a meeting place for different forms of life, for different species, for the human and non-human creatures. It’s a place of rest, and a common ground.(Anna Virtanen)

“Momentary Monumentality” curated by Anna Virtanen with Carl Giffney (IE), Viktor Gurov (EE), Corinna Helenelund (FI), Minna Henriksson (FI), Hertta Kiiski (FI), Kristi Kongi (EE), Henriikka Kontimo (FI), Paul Kuimet (EE), Kevin Malcolm (DK), Kristina Norman (EE), Hanna Piksarv (EE), Jaanus Samma (EE), Susanne Skeide (NO), Sakari Tervo & Juho Taavitsainen (FI).

The main exhibition for Kilometre of Sculpture 2016 is titled “Momentary Monumentality”, and brings the work of 14 artists to the Rakvere cityscape. Each artist in their own way interprets or comments on the concept prepared by our exhibition curator Anna Virtanen, which explores “…monuments as manifestations of the invisible, of values, agendas, ideologies or histories. Or looking at them in relation to the notions of permanence and temporality – of the material aspects, and of the invisible linked to them.”