Å Gallery, Turku, 2014

Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. After Mnemosyne and Zeus had spent nine nights together, the nine Muses for nine arts were born. None of these was dedicated to visual arts.

Aby Warburg (1866 – 1929), a German art historian and cultural theorist, collected Mnemosyne Atlas, an art history that consists only of pictures. Before his death he managed to collect a thousand different pictures from books, magazines and postcards, which he sorted into themes like Coordinates of Memory, Irruption of Antiquity and Vehicles of Tradition.

Mnemosyne by Hertta Kiiski sets forth from these same themes. The exhibition comprises photography, installations of objects and moving image. In the photographs shown upstairs, the photographer´s vision is materialized into still lifes bringing together several time levels. The space is controlled by a sofa lifted up against the wall. Downstairs one finds the subconsciousness of the exhibition. It is filled by an installation Birds of Paradise with fitballs, plants, two girls in shiny leggings and refreshing scents.

Birds Of Paradise, 2014 HD-video (00:02:30 loop),
fitballs, plants, scent

Fountain, 2014, 180 x 120 x 110 cm,
Metal print, couch

Earless bunny, 2013, 68 x 85 cm,
Acrylic print, edition of 5

Plug, 2014 55 x 55 cm,
Acrylic print, edition of 5

Sculpture, 2013 55 x 55 cm,
Acrylic print, edition of 5

Ball, 2014, 55 x 55 cm,
Acrylic print, edition of 5

Approaching Puberty, 2014, 55 x 55 cm,
Acrylic print, edition of 5