3.8.-26.8.2018: Dinnerparty (w/ Katrin Elvardottir, Lilja Birgitsdottir & Mari Krappala) Forum Box, Helsinki

8.6.-16.9.2018: Sutela & Kiiski (w/ Jenna Sutela), Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku


Fluid Matter at Dubulti Art Station
I Was an Apple and I Got Peeled… as a finalist of the Finnish Photobook Award
Solo show MELANKOLIA2047 Vanha Raatihuone 14.7–20.8.2017
Automated Curation at The Community Paris from July 1st to July 30th
Truth About Finland, the book and pavilion in Pori 10.–16.7.2017
APhF:17 Main Exhibition at Benaki Museum Athens opening June 14th
Table Scenes at Kirpilä Art Collection, my Cheers Butterflies in Hesperia Park, Helsinki
Plat(t)form 2017 at Fotomuseum Winterthur – my work selected as especially convincing!
My book in LensCulture´s list “Personal Favorite Photobooks of 2016”
Book signing at Paris Photo Nov 10th 4pm
Book signing at Unseen Amsterdam Sept 23rd 12.30 pm
I Was an Apple and I Got Peeled – But It Was A Good Thing published by Kehrer
Cyclone 3 at Titanik 5.– 28.8.2016
Momentary Monumentality, Kilometre of Sculpture 2. – 24.7.2016
Parantola, Paimio Sanatorium 2.7. – 15.7.2016
Basic Photography at SIC 7.5. – 5.6.2016
Wash at Hippolyte Studio 29.4. – 22.5.2016
Archive Play in Athens at Benaki Museum
Bending at Galleria Katko in March
Book signing at Paris Photo Archive Play
Nothing thicker than a knife’s blade separates happiness from melancholy
Book signing at Unseen Amsterdam
Art History Brush